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Un Air d'Antan is a French fragrances and toiletries brand inspired by timeless French songs and culture. It started as a family story...

Un Air d'Antan as a family story
 Once upon a time was a true love for vintage style and vintage music shared by a couple, parents of 5 children Sophie and Julien. Julien, former managing director of some of the most prestigious High End Beauty Brands, and his wife Sophie created Un Air d'Antan identity while they were leaving in the French Riviera, not far away from Grasse. 



provence un air d'antan
They were then joined by one of their best friend Helene, after a strong marketing experience gained with prestigious companies. This new trio developed a full body care line from body washes to hand care. Inspired by the songs of their parents youth, and in love with the olfactive notes of the Provence area, they created a brand identity inspired by old French songs. Their dream was to capture the story of the songs, their music, the feelings they are expressing, the emotions they are driving, into very sensorial, expressive but sensible fragrances and shabby chic images and packaging’s...

Quickly, the brand has gained a strong online notoriety across Europe, Canada and USA, becoming "Amazon Choice" on lots of beauty industry segments. The lines are now available also in lots of pharmacies, independent stores and chains.


un air d'antan team

The ADA team as we call it, has enlarged and is now spreading between Paris, London and the French Riviera.   

Un Air d'Antan beauty world


With original fragrances are all created in Grasse (Provence), the world capital of perfumes, Un air d'Antan offers a delightful journey through the most beautiful and unforgettable French places and memories.Each variant is the olfactive expression of a timeless and beautiful french song. With Un Air d'Antan, beautiful old songs like La Vie en Rose enters your bathroom with delicate and subtile notes!



Un Air d'Antan works with some of the best French suppliers who are bringing expertise and tradition. All their lines are dermatologically tested, PH neutral for the skin, paraben and sulfate-free. 


Un Air d'Antan is a proud cruelty free company, and has been listed as a PETA certified company. A Vegan friendly product line is also available.


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